Mystic Audio is your source for world renowned high-end audio equipment. Participating as a trusted dealer in historically established supply chains, Mystic Audio (MA) plays a unique front-line role to bring you all the real quality, and cutting edge of the industry's original music experience.

Specializing in two unique and powerful brands, who are both established electronic innovators for many years, Mystic Audio offers a remarkable combination of industry leading product lines. Both Sugden and Jean-Marie-Reynaud are exemplary of what is possible in audio equipment when a company truly prioritizes quality and design.

Certain aspects of this high-end dedication are demonstrated by both brands, showing an inventive edge whilst being non-negotiable toward any kinds of compromises. With compressed digital technology on the rise, it's essential that Canada's audio equipment dealers like Mystic Audio can provide you access to these high profile product lines. All products are manufactured in Europe, at their original premises in Britain (Sugden) and France (JMR) respectively.

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