Jean-Marie-Reynaud is a world known brand for loudspeakers. There is no question that JMR can withstand any criticism of what should be expected in the absolute best quality in loud speakers and audio gear. JMR continues to revolutionize the industry with predecessor products like the ABSCISSE, pioneered by Jean-Claud Reynaud. 

Mystic Audio is proud to offer you access to the Jean-Marie-Reynaud Brand of only the best loudspeakers and audio equipment. JMR delivers remarkable tonal balance and holography, it's hands-down the most real sound you'll find in a loudspeaker of this quality. We know hearing the difference is the real conviction of the musical experience, something that is a part of everyone's life. Don't let the new technology that often compresses music quality, take away your chance to hear things the way they really are. JMR guarantees to reveal that original musical experience, world renowned from France. See more here, about the featured ABSCISSE Jubilee line.