Moving beyond its predecessor, the JMR ABSCISSA Jubilee delivers an undeniably authentic sound, bringing you close to the original music message. This model is a synthesis of JMR's newest technology, to bring a compact axiom to the design. In combination, they have integrated a full range system's capability while significantly minimizing positioning constraints.

Performing like a full size system, the acoustic enclosure includes woofers (medium) and tweeters. On 14cm low-mid-range driver units, JMR uses their proprietary pressed carbon cone technology, creating a custom designed enclosure of aligned crystal fibres. For the tweeters, a silicon diaphragm coated lightly in a thin layer of specialized aluminium greatly enhance the tones, noticeable to nearly any listener. This tech establishes a smoothing of aggressive tones, and a very low horizontal directive... Important to also note is the 2 and 1/2 way crossover, which has been both simplified and revised to a new level. JMR loudspeakers are proof of this industry's innovations.

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