James Sugden was a professional who designed electrical equipment for university laboratories, before founding Sugden Audio in 1967. The original company was founded as a division of Research Electronics. His unique design of the A21 Amplifier is what put the brand on the map for the first time.

Later on, when the brand had more demand coming from across Britain, the manufacturing was moved to Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. There, the Sugden brand and manufacturing has continued to thrive to this day. All Sugden equipment continues to be manufactured with hands-on attention, while maintaining analogue integrity.

With such a wave of technology having changed the world, the quality of music has dropped dramatically as digital formatting such as MP3 quality has become the new normal. Sugden essentially gives you access to real music, and the way it was always meant to sound. Find with us only the highest quality equipment, hand-manufactured in Britain since 1967.