Sugden Masterclass Amplifier

This DAC is a proper alternative to others on the market, the Sugden MasterClass DAC-4 delivers exactly as should be expected, and beyond. This high quality machine brings you a near analogue experience, and adheres to Sugden's essential mandate: rescuing music from technology. Boasting proprietary conversion circuits and data reformatting, you will hear the difference with the DAC-4.

Mystic Audio is delighted to provide you access to this world-renound brand of high-end equipment. With ever expanding compact technology, it's essential for dealers to maintain quality over any level of digital advancement. The way music sounds is the ultimate experience that enhances all our lives. We know the difference, and know that Sugden is exempliary of the world-wide best quality technology for your home audio and music experience. Maintaining the original British manufacturing practices since 1967, they uphold an impressive company profile. You can see more here about the Company Sugden.